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The article on the PETA activist in Virginia (“Live Free or Pie,” 10/6) reminded me of a similar case in Richmond in the mid- to late ’70s. Two people I knew were busted in their apartment on a drug charge, and the arresting officer threw in a similar charge, I think “lewd and lascivious cohabitation.” The upshot was that the two had to live separately, at least for a while. As I remember, this was not a good thing for their relationship.

By the way, Norfolk is not in Easton County, as the article states. Virginia cities, unlike those in the rest of the nation, are distinct entities, not located within counties. So Norfolk is not located in any county. It isn’t even next to a county, just other cities. Plus, there is no Easton County anywhere in Virginia anyway. Whoa. If I were so inclined, I’d blah blah even though Virginia is only a river away you blah blah blah outrageous editing oversight blah blah blah.

Arlington, Va.