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For the past few years, I have given serious consideration to the idea of going back to college. Specifically, I want to go to seminary and perhaps become an ordained clergyperson. But before the dream can go that far, there is the matter of facing higher learning as an adult. There are the kids to think of, the financial burden, figuring out a way to find the time….The list of obstacles seems infinite. But clearing these hurdles may not be impossible. Tonight, the Montgomery County Commission for Women Counseling and Career Center presents “Going Back to School: Making It Work for You.” The goal of the seminar is to show grown-ups how to get past the obstacles that can keep us from realizing our dreams. Whether you want to complete a degree left unfinished, start a whole new career, or indulge in learning for learning’s sake, hie yourself to the seminar at 7 p.m. at 255 N. Washington St., Fourth Floor, Rockville. $12. For reservations call (301) 279-1800. (ND)