Could you please send your music writers to a 20th-century music seminar? Perhaps they would begin to recognize the significance of jazz on the last 100 years of creative expression through music. Nothing against their writing styles—it’s the chosen subject matter that suggests incompetence. Why is jazz treated as a minority? It is the basis for all creative American music. Duh!

Week after week after week, the Washington City Paper sees fit to publish three or more full-page reviews of [read: white] rock bands. The other sections of your paper are very good, especially the cover stories. This indicates that members of your editorial staff are not clueless—so your writers must not be submitting anything better. Fire them now!

There have been so many wonderful jazz releases in the past six months, as well as many great jazz concerts in D.C. Please, for every full-page review of another middle-aged white post-indie-rock band, would you cover some jazz?

I am surely not speaking only for myself when I say your readers demand more jazz coverage. At least half of what rock gets?

Columbia Heights