Johnnie Cochran didn’t learn how to tell a jury what to do when “the glove don’t fit” in constitutional law class, Jeffrey R. Breslow knows. An entertainment lawyer with Discovery Communications and an alumnus of George Washington University Law School’s “Law Revue,” Breslow will offer his dramatic flair at a D.C. Bar Association workshop titled “Acting for Lawyers” on Nov. 17. “While substance has its virtues, presentation has a lot to do with whether people get what you’re saying,” Breslow argues. Actors/attorneys will practice courtroom theatrics by reading dialogue from screenplays, but the exchanges will not be from Inherit the Wind or The Verdict. To add to the suspense, Breslow changes the names of characters so the barristers won’t recognize the movie being used. In last year’s workshop, for example, lawyers read lines between “Steve” and “Janet”—otherwise known as Han Solo and Princess Leia from the 1980 classic The Empire Strikes Back. —Annys Shin