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It was an uncommon pleasure to turn a page of your paper and stumble across my childhood (“King of the Stone Age,” 11/3). I used to play guitar with Scott Weinrich at T.S. Wootton High School when I was 14 and 15. Scott was a hero, a mentor, and an extremely nice guy, with a wild streak a mile wide. Seeing Scott play in those days showed me how a musician can transcend his immediate environs during a solo and go somewhere else—a trait I’ve since noticed in footage of ‘Trane, Hendrix, Santana, and many others.

I still recall Weinrich singing a Led Zeppelin tune when our garage band opened up for a much more professional outfit, Hard Cider. I moved from the Rockville suburbs in 1976 and haven’t seen him since, though I think of him frequently and have often wondered what had become of him. My tastes left metal for blues and fusion about the same time as I moved, but I’m sure I would enjoy seeing him play again.

Keep on pickin’, Scott. Thanks, Washington City Paper, for taking the pulse of the undercurrent!

Marshall, Va.