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Tanisha Montague’s big problem (“Motherless Child,” 10/6) is that she did not have enough money to hire a doctor with a drill and suction cup to kill her baby for her. You wonder why teenage mothers abandon their babies? What would you think of the spectacle of mature women with the help of professional doctors and nurses killing their babies every day? Abandoning seems more heartless, but is it?

As long as women consider it their “right” to kill their babies, no one else is going to respect women, motherhood, or children. Since women have exercised this “right,” life has become worse for women and especially the children of women. There is more abandonment by fathers, more abuse by both fathers, mothers, and strangers. All this is happening in a time when women—and men—have more choices of contraception than ever before. I just feel sorry for Montague and others who have gone before her. She knows that no one has any compassion for what is happening in her life. It is the adults in her life—all adults, not just her immediate family—who need to change.

Fairfax, Va.