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I am not in the custom of writing letters to the editor, but you folks really deserve a pat on the back this time. I am a regular reader of the Washington City Paper, usually for events and such, but the article on domestic violence (“Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” 10/27) was a real eye opener.

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Usually this sort of article, in my opinion, is wringing of hands and “victim story” sort of stuff. But this author, Paul Ruffins, showed a lot of insight. The article was really different and refreshing. It said not only what happened but also—and I think much more important—why it happened and—even more significant—what to do about it.

As the father of two girls, I am very aware of the issue of domestic violence. Here is an article that gives real insight and offers some real alternatives for action.

I have witnessed the interaction between the police, the women, and the violence, and it isn’t pretty. It just isn’t usually talked about. Just paperwork, platitudes, and a feeling of helplessness that I now can understand is shared by everyone involved.

I have discussed this article with a few of my friends, and I would like to read more. I will watch the Washington City Paper for it.

Potomac, Md.