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Motorcycle Wars wants us to believe that it’s the No. 1 band in D.C. Don’t know about that, but the band sure has spunk: I can’t think of another band in this town that’s ever started a show with its singer standing on top of a Metro elevator. The band members aren’t interested in making serious political or emotional statements—they just want to have fun. Their songs aren’t very distinctive; you can’t really tell them apart unless lead singer Clark Sabine yells out the titles. But who needs titles? It’s easier to remember the songs by their accompanying stage business: “Didja like the one where Clark almost impaled himself with a spigot when he jumped into the fountain at the Clarendon stop?” If all goes according to plan, tonight’s performance may involve a rope and a harness. Now, that should be memorable. (Full disclosure: Guitarist Jason Hutto is a production artist at the Washington City Paper.) At 9 p.m. at the Galaxy Hut, 2711 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. Free. (703) 525-8646. (Tina Plottel)