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Lois Manning Childs knew she had some formidable obstacles in her quest to become the new advisory neighborhood commissioner for Single Member District 8E07. Because she was a write-in candidate, her supporters would have to go the extra mile, remembering not only to write in her name but also to punch the ballot spot aligned with it. On top of that, Childs was running against Wanda Lockridge, whose last name is well known in Ward 8 political circles. But Childs didn’t realize that her own name would be the biggest problem of all. “Many of my residents came to me and said they had voted for me, yet they said they did not write it in,” claims Childs. Instead, she believes, some confused supporters punched their ballot for Robert Childs, who was running for president of the D.C. Board of Education. Both Childses lost in the end. —Elissa Silverman