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The British design magazine Wallpaper devotes 13 pages in its October issue to the aesthetic pleasures of the District, including some favorite hangouts of oh-so-urbane foreign correspondents. Among the hot spots that writer Pat Blashill and photographer Daniel Stier highlight are Dragonfly, Marrakesh, Tryst, and Dupont Circle’s Tabard Inn, which they say “looks more like a cosmopolitan opium den than a journalist’s haunt, but it’s actually both.” Celeb-hungry Brit tabloid writers might want to head south of the circle to the 18th Street Lounge, where “if you want a word with Monica Lewinsky, you might spot her maxin’ and relaxin’ to Jazzanova.” (A wee problem: Lewinsky lives in New York.) Blashill and Stier also offer a tip to their Middle East colleagues: “Jordanian reporters are fond of a little Irish pub, between a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell, out in the suburbs of Arlington.” Ain’t that America. —Colin Bane