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Thank you for providing reflection on the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in your cover story “Silence = Denial” (11/17). I salute the Washington City Paper for highlighting this important topic prior to World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, 2000.

However, I must correct a statement in that article: “The District’s Administration for HIV/AIDS has not released local data since the end of 1998.”

Since December of 1998, the administration published and released several reports on AIDS data, including the following:

1. District of Columbia, HIV/AIDS Epidemiologic Profile 1999 (fall 1999)

2. AIDS Surveillance Update (summer 1999)

3. Ryan White Jurisdictional Data Reports (June 2000)

4. AIDS Surveillance Report for HIV Prevention Planning and Ranking of Priority Populations (July 2000)

5. Crisis Response Team for Prevention in the District of Columbia Epi Data Report (October 2000)

6. HIV Surveillance Implementation Advisory Group Data Report (October 2000)

In addition to our public information activities, the Administration for HIV/AIDS is proud of its service to the residents of the District of Columbia. We serve more than 6,000 persons living with HIV/AIDS through such activities as the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, HIV housing programs, and daily home food delivery. We also reach out to our at-risk communities—including youth, women, and seniors—with critical prevention and education activities.

We encourage the public to contact us for information regarding our mission, programs, and update reports. Copies of the aforementioned publications have been widely circulated and are available for your review. I also invite the public to visit the D.C. Department of Health’s Web site at www.dchealth.com.

Deputy Director for Health Promotion

Administrator, Administration for HIV/AIDS

D.C. Department of Health