Loose Lips’ recommendation to trash the “Aimless Neighborhood Commissions” (11/24) is uncalled-for. Advisory neighborhood commissioners are no more monolithic than the journalists who write for the Washington City Paper. To call for the destruction of the ANC system on the basis of the misconduct of a few commissioners would be as logical as asking for the termination of the City Paper on the basis of Jonetta Rose Barras’ tabloid style of reporting.

As Councilmember David Catania appropriately stated, “When [ANCs] work, they perform an incredible function for the city”—as I believe the City Paper does, on local issues not addressed by the Washington Post and Washington Times. There are many hardworking individuals, such as myself, who ran for an ANC position with aggressive agendas planned to unite the residents around community issues.

Although I may not agree with her reporting style, I fully respect Barras’ right to voice her opinion through the City Paper’s Loose Lips column. I hope she respects my right to use the ANC system to be the grassroots voice of my community in a city already denied a voice on the congressional level.

ANC 8B06 Commissioner-Elect