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Years ago, a friend introduced me to the Washington City Paper. She was a manager and hired me to deliver your fish-wrap on what used to be the Capitol Hill route. One of my best memories happened when I was making my drop at the Capitol Building press offices (75 copies to the House press office and 75 copies to the Senate press office). The newsmen there were always eager to get their copy. Once, one of them called out to the rest of the room that Mitch Snyder was on the cover of the City Paper. You had a story weeks before anyone else considered Mitch Snyder news.

I usually enjoy reading your cover story. But the last one, something about a death in the family (“Death in the Family,” 12/1), sucked in a big way. The writer did well researching and writing the story, and I feel sorry for the mother who buried her son. The rest of the story, however—the fact that some crack-dealing sociopath got whacked while he peddled death to his friends and that the case is unsolved—is irrelevant to everyone. Some who have seen what crack does may agree that the world is a better place without his kind. The story is not worthy of the paper or ink required to print it. Shame on you for wasting everyone’s time who read it.

Annandale, Va.