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A Workable Solution?

Call me politically incorrect, even though I’m a registered Green….Couldn’t help but notice that while Sertira Wilson (“Home Advantage,” 11/24) is accepting welfare and subsidized housing while mobilizing the community against gentrification (an admirable cause), she isn’t doing much to help her own circumstances—or those of her kids. Seems to me that one’s first responsibility is to provide for one’s family and one’s future. That she accepts assistance from the government when she seemingly is in good physical and mental health makes it difficult for me to find sympathy for her. If she were pursuing an education or other training, caring for an elderly or sick relative, or in an otherwise compromised situation, I might cheer her on. As a person who has always worked and has never been able to benefit from government assistance even when unemployed and nearly homeless because I chose not to get pregnant out of wedlock, do addictive drugs, or make other unwise choices, I am reticent to continue rewarding what seems like a selfish motive and a blaring lack of real ambition. It’s easier to bitch than it is to take responsibility.

Arlington, Va