Since late October, when I pondered who the hell buys those doggie Elvis costumes displayed at Petco, I’ve been noticing canine indulgences everywhere I go. Dogs get their own beastly furnishings: I read about Jack Carey’s chaise longue (his owner is songstress Mariah) in the Nov. 27 People. They get “all access” at some nightclubs: Recently, I gave Victoria Williams’ pooch a behind-the-ears scritch, midconcert, at the Birchmere. And when a gourmet bakery for dogs opened a couple of blocks from my house, I knew this trend was Sirius. (Sorry.) Now I share news of the first annual Basset Caroling event, sponsored by Basset Rescue of Old Dominion (BROOD), a charitable organization that helps place basset hounds in new homes. Dogs (of any breed) and their owners are invited to don their gay apparel and howl yuletide carols. Maybe I’ll disguise my cat and really get those bassets singin’. At noon in Dupont Circle Park, Dupont Circle NW. Free. (202) 319-9192. (Pamela Murray Winters)