OK, so you have a super idea to help your community. Perhaps you want to start a nonprofit day-care center or build an organization that assists homeless people. That’s admirable; you should be proud of your altruistic spirit. But how do you raise the cash to make your charitable idea a reality? It’s harder than you think. In the past year, I’ve begun the work to get a nonprofit activist organization going, and as well as things are going, we can still use help. That assistance is available at tonight’s workshop, “How to Find Funding Sources.” The class will teach you how to link up with the sources most likely to provide you with the funds you’ll need to give your community the help it needs. It will cover foundations, government programs, and more—including how to get individual deep-pocketed wannabe donors to write their charitable-gift checks out to your community organization. At 7 p.m. at First Class Inc., 1726 20th St. NW. $30. For reservations call (202) 797-5102. (ND)