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I see in Jonetta Rose Barras’ anointment by your paper as the latest reincarnation of Loose Lips that she is living up to her reputation as the hatchet lady. It is interesting and telling that she has passed up the coyness of anonymity for full-blown byline credit.

When Ken Cummins did the column, we all had fun watching him tweak the noses of the establishment in supposed anonymity. The column, however, has gone from tweaking noses to taking hatchets to people’s heads—which is pretty dreary reading. Barras views life through a glass darkly.

Government gossip and scandal are fun to read, but overly vicious, tasteless attacks on public figures are not. I predict Barras will not last long; probably sooner rather than later, she and your newspaper will be sued into oblivion as she missteps with the wrong person under the provisions of the libel laws.

All I can say is: Ken, where are you when we need you? This lady—and I use the term “Loosely”—this hatchet lady deserves the ax.

16th Street Heights