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Regarding your reporting on Democratic State Committee business (Loose Lips, 12/8): I’d like to correct some delusions you put forth. Phil Pannell’s motion to increase the number of “ex-officio” members on the committee to include elected officials has not been approved by the committee. It is presently being given a preliminary review by one of our subcommittees. Pannell’s desire for our state committee to adopt the “endorsement” method has not been presented in any fashion to the full committee, either.

What has happened to Jonetta Rose Barras’ keen ability to follow up and verify facts? Officially, I serve as the press secretary for the Democratic State Committee, and Norman Neverson serves as its chair. Neither one of us heard from Barras for verification. Barras is well-known and respected for her serious journalism. I suggest that she “lose” Loose Lips and stick to the kind of journalism for which she is admired.

Democratic State Committee