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Should we apply Mark Jenkins’ attitude of the “myth that Germans are well-organized, crisply efficient, and cool under fire” (“Anarchy in the U.K.,” 12/8) toward the next round of ubiquitous Lest We Forget rantings? Interesting that the Hogan’s Heroes style of bungling quickly fades when we need Germans to be the perpetrators of the greatest case of genocide in history. Perhaps Jenkins should examine an author such as Paul Fussell, who describes how he and fellow American soldiers would pray not to run into any Waffen SS troops.

As for the Beatles, one couldn’t hope for them to ascend from their banal lyrics to anything as majestic as “Screaming at a Wall,” but, gosh darnit, we’re talking about those lovable moptops, not Jesus as a skinhead. Finally, as in his “Searching for Robert Johnson” as “Looking for Robert Johnson” flub of old, MJ has misquoted: “I bet you’re sorry you won” comes from Ringo, not John.

Surprising that he mentions the coming of the Sex Pistols, however. Doesn’t Dischord have any Brit bands?

Rockville, Md.