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I’ve waded through many of Mark Jenkins’ lukewarm film and music reviews over the past 20 years, but I just gave up when it hit me: Any aesthetic judgments he might have are always qualified—and thus subverted—by irrelevant, exasperating digressions demonstrating that their utility to the author’s ego is in inverse proportion to its relevance to the art under scrutiny. But when I noticed his review of Raoul Ruiz’s adaptation of Time Regained, (“Lit Whipped,” 12/15), I simply couldn’t let this one go and began reading. In his review of that ambitious film, Jenkins (typically) goes out of his way to point out to us all that the male-brothel scene in Remembrance of Things Past takes place in the fourth volume of Proust’s masterpiece. Well, it doesn’t; it indeed occurs in the last volume, around which Ruiz chose to center his film. Additionally, Proust retired to his apartment due to the worsening condition of the (quite real) asthma from which he suffered all his life, and he lined his bedroom with cork to muffle the sound of the Parisian street life, which impeded the concentration he obviously needed to compose such amazing prose.

Woodley Park