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Comedian Brett Leake says he’ll start eating natural foods “when people stop dying of natural causes.” He wonders why cheese is aged two years, then expires in his refrigerator after two weeks. He notes that “dumb” is spelled with a silent “b.” To put it simply, Leake doesn’t “complain about the big things,” because, as he explains, “I haven’t figured out the little things.” This hasn’t stopped him from taking those little things “and blowing them out of proportion,” which he does to great effect, by weaving subtle comedic threads throughout his monologues that come back to catch you by surprise. Many of his jokes are so smart they have a split-second delay, which only adds to their force. Leake crafts his routines with a scholar’s care, preferring wit and wordcraft to the easy, empty attitude of so many of his peers. He performs at 8 and 10 p.m. at the Improv, 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW. $15. (202) 296-7008. (DN)