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When I first read about the script sale of Dude, Where’s My Car?, I was both cheered that venal Hollywood executives would commit to such a baldly idiotic title and skeptical that the actual film could live up to the audaciousness it implied. Then I watched MTV’s Cribs special on the homes of the Dude stars and worried. These kids have more money than sense. But I am happy to report that the finished product even passed muster with my friend Pat Carroll, the noted cineaste. He termed it “an endearing comedy,” adding, “if you find constant drug references and cheap sex jokes endearing.” Well, Pat and I most certainly do. In fact, Dude most strongly resembles a Cheech and Chong film, cleaned up for the ’00s—the only character shown toking up is a dog. That’s not surprising, because writer Philip Stark was a story editor on That ’70s Show, from whence also comes the oddly named star Ashton Kutcher, who acquits himself admirably in the Bill or Ted role. Seann (why two “n”s?) William Scott (why three first names?) also shines in the Ted or Bill role. Director Danny Leiner has directed episodes of the acclaimed canceled sitcom Freaks and Geeks, as well as Comedy Central’s tragically canceled exercise in delightful mean-spiritedness, Strangers With Candy. With credit to an “ostrich wrangler” and lines like “They beat us up and stole our space suits,” Dude is this year’s Galaxy Quest. See it with someone who can remember where you parked. —Dave Nuttycombe