Hugo Elfinstone probably tells impressionable young tykes that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. That Santa Claus doesn’t reside at the North Pole. And that little people don’t live in the television set. Now, in his New Year’s-resolution workshops, Hugo will use hypnotherapy to encourage people “to create the life you want this year and quit unfulfilling habits like smoking, over-eating, and cynicism.” Hugo, now you’re ruining it for me! Resolutions ain’t real, after all: They’re myths, fanciful concoctions, figments of our imagination, little crutches to help us get on year after year. Go to the gym three times a week? Phef. Eat healthier? Ptooey. Become less cynical? What else is there, Up With People-style positivity? (Don’t know if you saw it in the papers, Hugo, but they recently went under.) Others, brave enough to deal with your cold, harsh reality, can take in some of this power-of-suggestion stuff at 4 p.m. at the Arlington Center for Well Being, 3800 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 5, Arlington. Free. For reservations call (703) 522-7710. (Elissa Silverman)