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Last week, D.C. Public Schools officials showed that they hadn’t mastered at least one of the three R’s when a transit poster aimed at truants contained glaring grammatical errors. Before it was hastily corrected, the slogan appearing on buses throughout the city read: “D.C. Public Schools Wants You!!! Go To Class—It’ a Blast!!!”

School officials said they had tested a number of potential

slogans with truants. The Washington City Paper has obtained a list of several others that didn’t make the cut:

D.C. Public Schools: It’ never too late to comb back!!!

D.C. Pubic Schools: Come Grow With Us!!!

Go To Class—It’ a Blastula!!!

School sucks. Being stupid suck more.

School’ dope!!!

Don’t Play Hockey—Stay in School!!!

D.C. Public Schools: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Charters!!!