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We wish to correct the serious mischaracterization of the relationship between the Washington Interfaith Network and D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous with respect to the newly announced Nehemiah town-house development at Fort Dupont in Ward 7, which appeared in the Loose Lips column (1/5)—”Playing the Angles.” Despite the antagonistic relationship attributed to unnamed “WIN sources” by that article, WIN wishes to make absolutely clear that Councilmember Chavous has never “been a major obstacle” to the Fort Dupont project (and that no “WIN source” could reasonably take any other position).

In fact, from the beginning, Chavous has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Fort Dupont effort, working with WIN leaders and the community to secure land and financing for the project. WIN greatly appreciates his steadfast commitment to expanding homeownership opportunities through WIN’s Nehemiah plan, whose goal is the construction of 1,000 affordable town homes across the city over the next four years. WIN is pleased to count both Chavous and Mayor Anthony A. Williams as important allies in fulfilling this goal for the benefit of D.C.’s working families, and it welcomed them both as participants in the celebratory groundbreaking for the Fort Dupont project reported in the article.

Furthermore, WIN plans to build 147 town houses at Fort Dupont, not the 50 reported in the article.

The Rev. Lionel Edmonds

WIN Co-Chair

Pastor, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

The Rev. Joseph Daniels

WIN Co-Chair

Pastor, Emory United Methodist Church

John More

WIN Co-Chair

Leader, St. John’s Lafayette Square Episcopal

The Rev. Darrell Macklin

WIN Co-Chair

Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church

Carol Wheeler

WIN Co-Chair

Leader, Dumbarton United Methodist Church