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Tank Half Full?

The first thing I noticed about Annys Shin’s otherwise very good mini-history of the National Aquarium (“Underwater Dive,” 1/5) was that she is weak in her presidential history. She mistakenly assumed that the Hoover who got his name on the Commerce Department building was the villain of the current generation, J. Edgar, whereas it was the villain of an earlier generation, Herbert, that they had in mind. Herbert Hoover had been Secretary of Commerce before he became president.

When she got into the substance of the piece, the author managed to convey the sense that the aquarium is supported largely by the affection of a great variety of people. My son interned there while in junior high school and still remembers it fondly after 15 years. There is plenty to look at and learn from in the place for anyone who is truly curious. Maybe this exposure will bring it to the attention of a few more of that type, and the fund of affection will continue to be replenished.

Dupont Circle