Jonetta Rose Barras, I, for one, enjoy your style. I hope you do not change. If a person wants to read a whitewashed lullaby, do not read the Washington City Paper.

It is so refreshing to see a Loose Lips writer who has the heart to put her name out there for the world to see that she is not one to throw a rock and hide her hand. To sign her name to the Loose Lips column shows she is standing behind her work, even if someone thinks that every now and then she may get a point a little wrong.

Then again, that’s someone’s opinion. In some instances when that may occur, you must consider the source. A once-reliable source may tell a lie to advance him- or herself, and a usually reliable source may not have a story completely correct.

Reporters can’t win. If they write the truth about someone, they are accused of bashing; if they write too kindly, they are showing favoritism, and it is boring to read. If they don’t tell all sides, they are accused of covering up, or accused of selling out. Jonetta, don’t change.

Congress Height