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Saturday’s coronation of the accidental president is the culmination of a bitterly nostalgic right-winger’s dream to return to those supposedly hallowed days when Ronald Reagan slept as the deficit burned. Fitting, then, that Jim Morris will also be in town: In those heady days of trickle-down, Morris became renowned for his pitch-perfect Reagan impression. Although his Ronnie was as genial as the original, the comic contends that, “I try to be vicious, but very cleverly so, so people aren’t offended by it.” Few seem to be. “Barbara Bush said, ‘You’re not cruel.’ I took that as an insult,” says Morris—gently. “Because I try to be cruel.” I’m sorry to report that the comedian’s profile faded in sync with the Gipper’s grip. But now that Dubya’s here from Texas, Morris’ fortunes may rise again. The comedian insists that he finds something to like in each character, but admits “It’s a love/hate thing. Clinton, for example—he’s a guy that when I do him, I feel just like I have to take a shower when I’m done. I just feel kinda unclean. I’m serious.” In addition to Morris’ verisimilitude, expect heated attitude from today’s best political humorists—Will Durst, Lewis Black, and Gore’s college pal Bob Somerby—when they all take the stage in support of Children’s Hospital at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 21, at the Warner Theatre, 13th & E Sts. NW. $30. (202) 783-4000. (Dave Nuttycombe)