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Re: Brent Burton’s article on Dan “the Automator” (City List, 1/19): What the hell is he cracking on groups like Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples for? Fine if he doesn’t like them (it’s a free country), but it’s altogether another thing to say they are “kinda boring” or “too caught up in their own tautological [big word—you must be a critic] loops to save the genre.” Maybe he didn’t see the Word of Mouth Tour (which was fabulous—I don’t believe anyone in the place was “bored”); or maybe he prefers his hiphop dumbed down by, say, any of the morons who make up the Cash Money Crew (or whatever the fuck they call themselves—I prefer the term “overpaid mushmouthed millionaires”—but then, that’s just an opinion). Said my peace for now….Hope to see you at the show.

Arlington, Va.