Forget the candy. Forget the flowers. Forget the jewelry. Forget the pedestrian stuffed animals with their insipid red-satin hearts. Forget the romantic getaway. Forget the pretentious expensive dinner. Forget the strolling violinists. Forget the skywriting. Forget the (eek!) fur coat. Forget the overpriced card with the gold-stamped vellum. Forget (please, please forget) the lingerie. Forget the dancing. Forget the gift certificate for a day of beauty. Forget all that sweet nuthin’. ‘Cause all your honey really needs is poetry—a little cabaret-style performance of erotic poetry. No, not by you, lover: by Martes Eróticos, whose members will read—#in both Spanish and English—a superb selection of romantic poems by Latin American and Spanish writers. Will your sweetie expect such a thing? Likely not. Will your sweetie ever doubt your resourcefulness again? Not until next Valentine’s Day. The evening of dinner and verse begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Kennedy Center’s Encore Cafe. $45. (202) 467-4600. (Jennifer Agresta)