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To: Mayor Anthony A. Williams

From: Washington City Paper

Re: Internet Domain Names

In our Feb. 2 issue, Loose Lips columnist Jonetta Rose Barras reported that two associates of your deputy chief of staff, Mark Jones—Dennis Adams and Bradley Farrar—had registered Internet domain names that might be used for your 2002 re-election bid (“” and “”). Barras noted that they did so without your knowledge and that you’ll have to get permission from this dynamic entrepreneurial duo to use those names.

It occurred to us that these might not be the best domain names for your campaign. So we checked and found a number of unclaimed URLs that you might want to consider. As of press time this week, the following domain names had not been registered by cronies of your staff or other assorted D.C. political hangers-on. We urge you to claim them promptly—before Adams and Farrar do: