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I wanted to comment on the story pertaining to charter schools (“Learning the Hard Way,” 2/2). I’m a mother of a charter-school student who has been attending the SEED Public Charter School for three years. The difference between this school and any other charter school is that she lives on the campus; I usually tell folks it’s a college-preparatory school, because that is the setup—to get the kids prepared for college. The students and staff just moved in their own building, and the dorms are set up as if they were on a college campus. I thought my daughter’s education needs were not being met in the public schools, so when the opportunity came for this special school, it had my daughter’s name written all over it. She has always been a bright student, and I knew that this special school would have time to help bring out the best in her.

I’ve always taught my daughter about the importance of an education and what the future has to offer. Last year, she was blessed to be able to visit Athens with a couple of the other students from school. I told her she was making history within our family, because no one in our family has left the country at such a young age. So, my own story about charter schools is that they are great and wonderful.

Charter schools are for some, but not for all.