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Although PETA’s tactics are controversial, I’m glad the group is bringing attention to the health problems caused by milk (“Got Milk Protesters?” 2/2). Why should humans be the sole mammalian species that drinks the milk of other species? Even our close genetic cousins the great apes do not drink milk after weaning. Suffice it to say that, because milk drinking is unnatural, it is surely unnecessary for good health. Worse, milk drinking actually endangers one’s health. Lactose in milk wreaks havoc in lactose-intolerant people, concentrated protein in milk can damage kidneys and avert osteoporosis prevention, and fat in milk can clog arteries. Furthermore, milk contains no fiber, excluding it from foods that lower cholesterol and prevent colon cancer. Finally, milk contributes to causing several diseases, among them respiratory allergy and inflammation, digestive irregularities, and arthritis.

Annandale, Va.