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Buzz McClain’s article on satellite radio (“The Sky Is Calling,” 2/16) was comprehensive and informative, even for someone like me who is both in the music business and a radio freak.

After reading the article, I drove by Florida and New York Avenues to check out the XM building. As reported, it is quite impressive and, obviously, there has been a lot of money invested in XM.

Reluctantly, I agree with the skeptics the article mentions. I find it hard to believe that sufficient numbers of people (even ardent radio people like me) will pay for something that we have been getting all our lives for free, even if what we were to pay for would be better. And, if satellite radio is to have ads, albeit fewer than commercial radio, many would be even less inclined to sign up.

Finally, in the D.C.-Baltimore area, the need for satellite radio seems less than in most places. For me, the Blues Plate Special and Nap Turner on WPFW-FM, bluegrass and Eddie Stubbs on WAMU-FM, Alan Lee’s Forgotten 45s on WQSR-FM on Sunday nights, Big Jim on WEAA-FM on Saturday mornings, and even the erratic WRNR-FM cover the bases and time slots pretty well. Of course, there are many who like to sign up for every new technological “advance,” but will there be enough to keep the satellites in and on the air? I hope so, but, again, I am skeptical.

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