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It was an utterly routine lunchtime scene at the Citibank branch at 1225 Connecticut Ave. NW on Wednesday, Feb. 28: a line of patrons inching toward the teller windows, a “personal banker” answering queries at the information desk, and hurried customers leaning over a crumpled body in front of the ATM so they could punch in their PINs and get their cash. Yes, that’s right: A man was lying right beneath one of the indoor ATMs, but that minor human obstacle was apparently not enough to stop the mighty flow of $20s. A “personal banker,” standing not 10 feet from the prone patron and looking directly at him as he answered a query about IRAs, also didn’t seem much bothered by the sight. “We think he’s drunk,” the banker said. “He’s been there about 30 minutes. We called 911, but we thought it best not to disturb him.” —Howard Witt