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Jose Behar (pictured) is Oxon Hill, Md.,’s answer to Ed Wood. He’s been making ultra-low budget psychotronic pictures under the pseudonym Rock Savage for 21 years. (Full disclosure: The writer has appeared in Behar’s films.) A few career highlights: As Harry Gross, Behar teamed with a Wiccan witch in Illegal Possession for what he calls “lots of great demonic stuff and decapitations.” Mod Mutilator Versus Goatman was the first film to feature that mythical Maryland monster (see Sean Daly’s “The Legend of Goatman,” 9/18/1998). And Rex Jones and the Daughter of the Yellow Death featured a blaxploitative hero fighting “Red Wang and his daughter Sun Yung Ho, both evil enemy agents from Red China.” In addition to the occultish, cryptozoologic, and vague political themes, these flicks pile on the drive-in clichés—campy ’60s lingo, cheesy gore, and gratuitous insertion of vintage nude scenes. Frustrated by a lack of venues for his work, Behar’s done what any self-respecting indie-movie mogul would do—start a film festival. Cinema a Go-Go, now in its second year, features bad films from around the country. In addition to some Behar originals, there will be screenings of Free Puppies, which features the bouncing attributes of topless biker molls, and Trespass, a Blair Witch spoof which revisits the infamous old house in the Burkittsville woods, and features a punch line that could only have improved the original. As a bonus for Washingtonians old enough to remember him, Count Gore De Vol (who was the Channel 20 horror host from 1973 to 1987) will make videotaped appearances to MC select screenings. Cinema a Go-Go II begins at 5 p.m. Saturday, March 10, at The Turning Wheel, 8039-A Richie Hwy, Pasadena. $7. (410) 761-3030. (Jeff Bagato)