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Arlington should prove an interesting host for dirgey folk-drone generators From Quagmire. It’s hard to imagine an architectural setting that contrasts more with the avant-acoustic duo’s spare, protean soundscapes than the icy, indifferent capital of glass façades. If space really does move through us as we move through space, what will happen when D.C.’s most medieval outfit strikes a lonely chord in a postmodern city with a techno heart? Will the buildings tremble? Will Metro trains be shaken from their tracks? Will the cynical, corporate drones drop their macchiatos, abandon the NASDAQ ticker, and pause to consider the Zen implications of a solitary cymbal crash reverberating for a fleeting moment in a sea of silence? The tree falls, and so on, with Malarkies, Karla Schickele, Matthew Schickele, and Arco Flute Foundation at 2 p.m. at Now! Music and Fashion, 3100 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington. Free. (703) 528-9059. (Justin Moyer)