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It’s heartwarming to find Eddie Dean returning to the roots of the matter with a great, out-of-the-frame tribute to John Fahey (“In Memory of Blind Thomas of Old Takoma,” 3/9). Having interviewed the great man myself for the June 1977 issue of this paper’s nonlineal predecessor—the Unicorn Times—I am gut-wrenched at the loss of this man who not only created Blind Joe Death out of mere ethers but claimed to draw inspiration from the turtles of Sligo Creek. My additional puzzle piece contribution to the Fahey mystique, which may never be realized as a complete entity, is that in August 1971 at the National Folk Festival at Wolf Trap, in the company of “Backwards” Sam Firk and Richard “Hacksaw” Harney, I was asked by a mildly besotted Fahey to tune his beleaguered acoustic. “Open C, dammit,” came the reply to my inept attempt to tune in same. I miss Fahey, too, dammit.

Thanks, Eddie.