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If there’s anything more impassioned than a bespectacled, gas-station-jacket-wearing Midwestern boy singing about unrequited love, it’s a bespectacled, gas-station-jacket-wearing Midwestern boy singing about the joys of Jesus Christ. That’s why Christian emo-core (aka cross-core) is blowing up all over the punk underground. What readers of Punk Planet, heldlikesound, and countless punk chat rooms know is that Easter’s Promise is the hottest cross-core band on the block. Combining sheets of soaring, distorted octave chords, stop-start post-punk rhythms, and agape-driven proselytizing, the Champaign, Ill., quintet is hardcore’s answer to Stryper. And, like Stryper, these cornfed punks are taking their message mainstream: The April 18 episode of Dawson’s Creek features EP’s fervent and moving “Theme” (“He died on the cross for you/Yeeeeeeaaaaaah!”) as backdrop for Pacey’s post-crack-addiction spiritual awakening. Thank God! Easter’s Promise testifies with Trooper, Bella Vista, and Vacation Bible School at 6 p.m. at the Potomac Village Community Center, 23900 Democracy Blvd., Potomac. $5. (202) 332-2100 x331. (Matthew Bockner)