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I recently read Dave Nuttycombe’s piece about the Rosebud Film Festival (City List, 3/16) and was curious about the motivation behind such a slanted article. I find it reprehensibly unprofessional that anyone would consider judging these films without seeing them. The Day We Disappear, for example, would, by anyone’s standards, defy the casual characterization: “usual collection of earnest dramas.” Upon reading the tag lines and viewing the still-frame captures provided by Rosebud, one may be inclined to mock a few of them. However, one ought not publish these opinions without viewing each and every film and backing up the opinions with facts.

I spent the better part of two days at the festival and yes, some were not worthy of my time, but others were quite impressive. I think it would be fitting to do a follow-up article of legitimate reviews of these films, if someone at the Washington City Paper did in fact go to the festival. If you did not attend, it would be responsible of you to make an effort to view each of the films by other means. After viewing the films, you might still find them worthless, but at least then you would have formed an educated opinion rather than permitted yourself to make potentially unwarranted generalizations.

If Nuttycombe’s intentions were not to insult the films themselves but to express his anger about the independent film world or about Rosebud’s lack of pre-festival press screenings, he should have directed his statements to that purpose and not mentioned specific films of which he knew nothing.

If you wish, I will provide a VHS copy of the film The Day We Disappear, produced and funded soley by the director and myself.

Interstellar Films

Silver Spring, Md.