In your recent article titled “Deus Ex Machina” (4/6) regarding technology and the District of Columbia government, you quoted Jerald Woody Sr. and identified him as the founder of the Schools to Careers Committee. Although there are many organizations that include school-to-careers activities in their youth-development curriculum, Woody’s committee and similar ones should not be confused with the D.C. State School-to-Careers Initiative.

The D.C. State School-to-Careers Initiative is a federally funded national and local initiative. Its goal is to build partnerships that help students do better in school, become exposed to the world of work, and become college- and work-ready. This initiative offers students (K-12) internships, mentorships, job shadowing, and entrepreneurial experiences. Support for teachers is also available by way of suggested activities and lesson plans as well as weeklong externships with employers.

Whereas Woody may have formed his committee to “foster more interaction between D.C. schools and the local business community,” it should be noted that the D.C. State School-to-Careers Initiative is led by a governing council co-chaired by Superintendent Paul Vance and Verizon

President Marie C. Johns. Verizon, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce,

the Metropolitan Washington Council, the AFL-CIO, and PEPCO are but a few employers that have worked tirelessly to provide the youth of our city with meaningful work-related opportunities.

Woody’s comments are his own opinions and should not be viewed as representative of the opinions of the many School-to-Careers stakeholders.

Program Manager for Communications,

Marketing and Outreach