I read with great interest Dave Mann’s article “Wrestling With Angels” (3/16). The article contrasted the use of funds collected by the Central Union Mission and Gospel Rescue Ministries. The former doesn’t accept federal funding and uses the funds any way it wants; the latter is restricted in its use of the money.

I’ve responded to the Central Union Mission’s public-service advertisements published in newspapers asking for donations to feed the needy during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Until I read your article, I wasn’t aware of the Central Union Mission’s chicanery in its fundraising efforts and that my donations could be diverted for proselytizing. Clearly, the needy get more than a roof over their heads and a hot meal.

To verify the information in the article, I called the mission and spoke to Henry Schonschack, the director of community outreach, in charge of publicity and fundraising. Imagine my surprise when I referred to the article and he said he had never heard of your newspaper and was not aware of your interview with the mission’s director. Nevertheless, he verified that the homeless are expected to attend religious services in return for a bed and food at his organization. I don’t remember reading about proselytizing in the newspaper ads.

Thank you for exposing the Central Union Mission’s less-than-honest and manipulative fundraising tactics. Perhaps I’ve been giving to the wrong agency and I should have donated to the Gospel Rescue Ministries, where, according to the article, collected funds can’t be used for proselytizing. I guess it’s true: The truth will set you free!

Lanham, Md.