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Great review by Garance Franke-Ruta of Meghan Daum’s My Misspent Youth (“To Be Real,” 3/30). Book reviews in your weekly long have had the air of being done by people who were drafted for the job at the last minute. As in:

“Hey, Marty, this is for ya.”

“What’s this?”

“A book, you asswipe.”

“What am I supposed to do

with this?”

“Read it. And write a review.”

“Whaaat? I am supposed to do the Brazilian bootleg CDs in—”

“Yeah, well, you just got reassigned.”

“You dick!”[in Jeff Spicoli voice]

After such beginnings, what knowledge, eh?

But this one, with its plodding grace and its knowledgeable forays into recondite passageways, its rueful, head-down, umm…bookishness, it blindsided me. Nice work.

Mount Pleasant