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I never gave the idea of pup companionship much thought before Nellie came into my life. (Ah, Nellie—how I miss your sweet smile and long, dangling tongue.) Nellie is the big, beautiful, shaggy companion of a friend of mine who just moved to California. Nellie, along with Daisy, my friend’s other big and beautiful—yet not so shaggy—companion, made me love, love, love dogs. Before those two, I didn’t understand how people became so attached to their pets; but, oh, how I began to look forward to seeing them bound toward me, eager for a little scratch on their colossal frames. How to repay such unconditional adoration? Alas, from 3,000 miles away I can do little but dream—but you, lucky recipient of sweet pet love, can go right out to your local PetSmart store for a free seminar on grooming. Learn from pet professionals how to make all your furry friends look and feel better at 1 p.m. at area PetSmart stores; for

more information call (877) 473-8762. (Jennifer Agresta)