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Your article on the motivation of D.C. councilmembers (Loose Lips, “A Question of Authenticity,” 4/20) is outstanding. I have been the only poster to Gary Imhoff’s themail@dcwatch.com who has been a strong proponent of Mayor Anthony A. Williams’ proposals for improved health care to those who need it most in the District. The mayor’s plan seems to offer more access and better care to a lot of those who are not getting good medical care here in D.C. I have questioned the motives of those who want to see the mayor fail to enhance their own mayoral plans next year.

Mayor Williams has chosen to be nonpolitical in his approach to this health-care issue, and that is most commendable. It is a risky approach with all the bushwhackers in this town. You can be assured that those who want to see the mayor’s plans fail will be dragging bodies to his doorstep this summer. Though it is refreshing to see the D.C. Council united on any issue, this is one that they have taken the wrong side on.

American University Park