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The thought that someone might not be amused by the sight of a lanky, bug-eyed man holding a giant salami between his legs and proclaiming “I’m a sexy boy!” while prancing among his sandwich-making co-workers surprises me. Apparently, though, there are plenty of people out there who don’t understand the appeal of Tom Green, and his antics in Freddy Got Fingered—which he also directed and co-wrote—will not only fail to convert these scoffers but also might scare off even those of us who appreciate his comedic charms. Green plays Gord, an aspiring animator whose hobbies include caning a paraplegic, eviscerating roadkill, and jacking off horses and elephants. Despite these explicitly rendered experiences, Gord’s life is actually rather common: He’s a 20-something creative type who not only is unsure of how to reach his goals but also has to figure it out under the glare of his critical father (Rip Torn), his well-meaning but dim mother (Julie Hagerty, who perfected the role in Airplane!), and his snide, successful younger sibling (Eddie Kaye Thomas, the Freddy who’s allegedly been fingered). With the exception of the roadkill incident (which occurs after a television producer advises Gord to “get inside the animals” to help enliven his characters), none of the gags have anything to do with the plot, and if you take away Green’s desperate attempts to out-gross himself—trust me, there’s nothing funny about a grown man tonguing his buddy’s compound fracture—Freddy Got Fingered actually has the stuff of a likable farce. After all, who better than Green to personify a won’t-grow-up weirdo son? And though Torn’s involvement in the film is a head-scratcher, he throws himself into Green’s world with gusto. You might lose respect for both actors after seeing this movie, but you’ll never doubt that their characters are father and son. —Tricia Olszewski