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I don’t feel sorry for David Morrison (“A Quick Trip to the Grocery Store,” 5/4). No one ordered him to steal from Safeway, just as no one made him consume the titanic quantities of illicit drugs he told us about in his previous cover stories. He deserved to have the book thrown at him.

We all know that D.C. bureaucrats are masters of red tape and delay. Those are bad qualities to have when you’re issuing permits or driver’s licenses, but perfectly good ones when your job is to teach lawbreakers that crime does not pay. I salute the dedicated criminal justice professionals—and the hardworking Safeway guards—who made Morrison miserable.

And Morrison’s claim that he was entitled to steal because he was a freelance writer is the dumbest excuse for immorality since the one by the defender of Bill Clinton who claimed that Clinton was entitled to abuse and demean women because he never knew his father.

Silver Spring, Md.