I was very upset when I read Loose Lips’ comments about our new director, Carolyn W. Colvin (5/11), and many of my co-workers feel the same way. I am very sure that most Department of Human Services employees feel very good about her coming to the agency and that the employees who spoke against her in the article are a very small minority.

Colvin visited our service center shortly after she came on board in March. She came unannounced and observed us as we waited on customers who are applicants for or recipients of public assistance.

When she finally introduced herself, she walked around to shake the hand of each and every employee in the facility. She has a firm handshake and comes across as a compassionate person who is also competent and no-nonsense. We are very lucky to have someone with her background and experience. I am certain that those of us who continue to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay have nothing to worry about as she rebuilds the Department of Human Services.

Department of Human Services