New Department of Human Services Director Carolyn Colvin has accepted a very difficult chore. She must repair and reform service industries sorely in need of change. Included are services to persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

From a private-provider perspective, our initial impressions of Colvin are good. She appears to be very intelligent, very experienced, and highly qualified. She has held two provider summits to date. In each case, she demonstrated solid communication skills, an open mind, and a teamwork-oriented philosophy. The District has had great difficulty attracting and retaining such individuals. Attacks like the one printed by your paper (Loose Lips, 5/11) so early in Colvin’s tenure—and based on what appear to be very minor concerns—cannot possibly be helpful.

Colvin’s administration deserves a chance to succeed. The vulnerable populations she is trying to protect and serve also deserve to see her given a fair chance. Let’s give her that chance.


Coalition for Community Services