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In college, when groups as disparate as the upside-down-triangle-K-horseshoe fraternity or the international socialists organization or even the Southeast Asian house wanted to attract people to their meetings, the lure was always the same: free pizza. And it always drew a sizable crowd—including my friend Rob, who rushed practically every house on campus, joined political parties from left to right, and made a few friends in Hebrew House, all while scarfing down free pizza dinners four nights a week. So forget love and peace and bouquet-filled Hallmark cards: It’s the pizza that really brings people together. Hence Pizzapalooza: “It is part of an ongoing commitment to children and families from Tony’s pizza,” reads the event’s press release. “Tony’s believes that strong, caring relationships with children benefit everyone: children, parents and society.” So this week, bring your dysfunctional family to the Capital Children’s Museum and hop on the 48-by-8-foot Pizzapalooza arcade fun house. After playing a few rounds of Skee-Ball, Pop-a-Shot, and Full Court Fever, grab some pizza samples, take a snapshot of you and yours smiling with tomato-sauce spots at the corners of your lips, and it’ll all be better. Pack up the Monopoly, put away the macramé, and go find the Pizzapalooza truck

at 11 a.m. Friday, May 25, at Capital Children’s Museum, 800 3rd St. NE. $6 (includes admission to the Museum). (202) 675-4120.

(Elissa Silverman)